Section 1: Our Story

Welcome to EpicYOLOVentures, where we believe that adventure is for everyone, and it’s never too late to explore the world!

Founded by Kristina Walker, a passionate explorer and successful entrepreneur, EpicYOLOVentures started with a simple realization - "You'll Never Do It Any Younger." This mantra fuels our drive to inspire people of all ages to seize the day and live their travel dreams to the fullest.

From navigating the breathtaking peaks of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, to immersing in the romantic canals of Venice, Italy, Kristina's personal travel experiences form the backbone of EpicYOLOVentures. Each destination we feature is a testament to our love for travel and commitment to share the joy of exploration with you.


Section 2: Our Mission

Our mission at EpicYOLOVentures is to empower you to embrace the spirit of adventure. We are dedicated to helping you navigate the world of travel with confidence, knowledge, and a keen eye for sustainability. We believe that travel should not only be enjoyable but also respectful towards our planet and its diverse cultures.

With our customized travel planning services, sustainable travel tips, and engaging community, we strive to make every travel experience an unforgettable adventure. Our aim is not just to guide you to your dream destinations, but also to help you explore them in a way that benefits you and the environment.


Section 3: Our Offerings

At EpicYOLOVentures, we offer a range of digital products and services tailored to help you plan, enjoy, and learn from your travel experiences and ours. Our offerings include the YOLO Journey Planner, YOLO Eco Journeys, YOLO Explorer, and YOLO Adventurer subscriptions. Each product is designed to enhance your travel journey and create a supportive, adventurous community of like-minded explorers.


Section 4: Get to Know Kristina Walker

Meet Kristina Walker, the creative force behind EpicYOLOVentures. A passionate explorer, entrepreneur, and lover of life's unexpected adventures, she embodies the spirit of "You'll Never Do It Any Younger" - a mantra passed down from her grandparents and lived out in their extraordinary decision to own an elephant named Akili.

From a young age, Kristina embraced the unconventional, riding Akili the elephant into town to pick up mail, performing at the circus, and even featuring in an episode of the original reality show 'Real People'. Raised under the belief that age is no barrier to embarking on new adventures, she has carried this spirit into her professional life, founding multiple successful businesses, including a dance studio and an organic farm.

With a vibrant zest for life, Kristina is no stranger to the joys of exploring, having traversed the stunning peaks of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and soaked in the romantic charm of Venice, Italy. Her passion for travel and love for adventure is at the heart of EpicYOLOVentures, motivating her mission to inspire others to seize their moments, no matter their age or experience.

An advocate for sustainable travel and a believer in the power of a strong community, Kristina is committed to making travel accessible, enjoyable, and environmentally respectful. Join her on this exciting journey as she shares her adventures, advice, and the spirit of YOLO with the world through EpicYOLOVentures.